Designing and Producing Bespoke Goods with a Sense of Place for the Rosewood Hong Kong

Designing and Producing Bespoke Goods with a Sense of Place for the Rosewood Hong Kong

Opened in March 2019, the Rosewood Hong Kong is a new centre of gravity on the Kowloon waterfront; the crown jewel of the Victoria Dockside arts and design district. The establishment offers 322 guestrooms with 91 suites, including 18 speciality suites.

For the opening of this landmark property, our team worked closely with the Rosewood Hong Kong to design bespoke goods for their rooms and suites. We were inspired by the materials and patterns proposed for each room, as well as the architectural design of the building itself, which tastefully fuses traditional elements with a modern aesthetic. 

Guest Rooms

Most of the rooms enjoy a stunning harbour view and 53 sq.m of spacious living, decorated with great thoughtfulness. Each room demonstrates a strong sense of place, a focal point for all Rosewood hotels; in particular, within this property, there are many elegant nods to Hong Kong history and much personality shown through the curation of books and ornaments that grace each shelf, table top, and nook.

The array of fabrics used give the rooms a cozy familial touch and that ‘at home’ feeling. We were very much inspired by this when we designed our guest slippers for Rosewood Hong Kong. From the herringbone pattern, the  blatant black and white stitching, the heather grey piping, and the soft cloud-like interior, all of which elevated what was once considered the humble slipper into a shoe to covet and for a guest to take home with them. 


Bespoke Leather Goods

Leather is also very paramount in the Rosewood Hong Kong’s aesthetic. Lot of the bespoke goods that we created were made from leather, like for instance the newspaper bags and notepads.


We collaborate with brands like Nespresso, supporting them on creating unique luxury upgrades to their product. We provide our clients with the possibility to customise the color, leather and finish for the exterior of their coffee machine.



The hotel’s elegant bathrooms possess striking marble patterns and “normandy” octogonal sinks that were hand-hammered in France. Our challenge was to integrate day-to-day amenities, all the while maintaining the visual harmony of the space. Our Dyson hairdryer stand can be made in many different materials, format and colours to fit perfectly with the interior. The special feature of this Dyson stand is the cable box which hides the cords which don’t need to be seen when not in use. Here we created the stand for the dyson hairdryer in a rich blue leather.