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Bespoke packaging for the Easter Pop-up at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Bespoke packaging for the Easter Pop-up at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris 

Following the success of their Christmas Pop-up, for Easter this year George V set up another temporary boutique dedicated to Maxime Frederic’s sweet creations. For this special occasion, Palatino designed bespoke packaging to highlight the beauty of each delicate chocolate creation. We customized the boxes according to the dimension of each chocolate, taking careful consideration to ensure that the treats would be kept safely within the casing during transport.

Photos by Ying C.

Maxime Frederic’s Creations

Photo by Studio des Fleurs

The Hot Air Balloon

This year, the Easter egg creation reimagined by Maxime Frederic was in the form of a hot air balloon inspired by childhood memories. The chocolate hot air balloon was composed of a mixture of cocoa beans from Brazil and Madagascar, with a touch of vanilla from Tahiti. The magic was all in the mechanism though, as the balloon rotated when the chocolate dial was turned, making it both delicious and ingenious! 

The Chocolate Cloud

Maxime Frederic’s chocolate cloud brought us to “cloud nine”, with its Gianduja shell which containing the roundness of hazelnut, the creaminess of caramel and the acidity from a touch of Yuzu.

“Le Gâteau Nantais”

Photo by Studio des Fleurs

For the opening of the Easter pop up, the traditional “gâteau nantais” was revisited with organic lemon sourced from the vegetable garden of Simone Zanoni, the Chef of the hotel’s Michelin starred Italian restaurant ‘Le George’.

Bespoke Packaging

Like jewels, we designed bespoke boxes for each creation. Every element was carefully considered in the designing process: for instance, how the box would open to first discover the treat inside (since, after all, first impressions are everything); the material used for the handles of the bags which contain the boxes (soft and delicate to touch, but strong enough to hold the goods inside); the usability of the box (assuming one cannot finish the chocolate in one sitting, because it is a treat to savour, we considered the durability of the boxes for repeated opening and closing); and how to bring the ‘wow’ factor in printing (we used gold hot-stamping on a white base to highlight the pattern and logo, which matched with the gold lining of the boxes). 

Before producing the packaging, our design team created a graphic version of Maxime Frederic’s hot air balloon to better understand the mechanism and functionality of the box we wanted to create. Not stopping there, we understood the importance of making it easy for guests to take their treats safely away with them. Hence, we devised a plastic mold to sit within the thick card casing of the boxes with the intention to absorb movement and protect the creation during transport.  

We are proud to have supported such a beautiful, and delicious, project.