Luxury Hospitality in a Post-Pandemic World

These strange times certainly need no introduction. No one could have fully planned for this – managing a pandemic certainly didn’t fall into anyone’s Plan A. 

There is a pressing sense of urgency now in our industry to swiftly implement a Plan B; that being a contingency plan, one of immediate damage control and bandaging up any splits to the well oiled system that rolled so diligently before this. 


Covid-19 : Our Products Range to Guarantee Proper Sanitization of your Establishment

It is now expected that all public spaces within a hotel have easy access to the necessary hand sanitisation means, made available for guests to use in passing. One common method is by using pump bottles of hand sanitizer. Palatino has designed bespoke outer casing to disguise these unsightly plastic vessels.

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Rethinking Spaces of your Establishment

After deepening our understanding of how we can stay fit, and sane, within the confines of our home, thanks to a plethora of online tools and platforms to assist us through meditation, yoga, strength training, or breathing techniques, the reigns have been put back into our hands – people are far less set on the idea that fitness has to take place within a gym or mindfulness learned on a mat.

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One Step Ahead; Mindfulness in Products

Palatino has been working hand-in-hand with the French government to provide frontliners and essential workers with masks and other protection products. We have great expertise in these items. Anticipating the needs of your guests, now and for the future. There is no doubt that some of the precautionary measures which society has adopted throughout this pandemic on a global scale are here to stay.

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Palatino's Housekeeping Range, Because 'Cleanliness is Next to Godliness'

We are pleased to re-introduce you to Palatino’s Housekeeping Range; a cleaning apparatus collection that you are proud to put forward. Because, now more than ever before, housekeeping & cleaning staff should be actively sanitizing all public spaces within a hotel, and at a greater frequency.

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The Privilege of (Dis)connectivity

Working from home, and speaking to colleagues, clients, friends or family over digital platforms has shown us just how easy it is to stay connected, but also how imperative it is to our health to learn how, and when, to disconnect.

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7 hospitality trends to look out for

7 Hospitality Trends to Look Out For

Travelling around the world and working with all different types of properties across the globe enables our team to keep up to date on the latest trends in the hospitality industry. With a growing concern of environmental issues, the way that we travel has changed.

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how do you use gua sha

How do you use Gua Sha?

There are several gua sha tools, all that have a different shape or use a different stone. Each one has its own properties. For instance, Jade is better for contouring, lifting and skin clarity, while Rose Quartz's cooling and calming properties are ideal for sensitive and reactive skin.

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Opéra: Cedric-Grolet-New-Bakery

Opéra: Cédric Grolet's New Bakery

Famous for his desserts that recreate the forms of various fruit, world renowned pastry chef Cédric Grolet has opened his first bakery in the heart of Opéra, Paris. We are proud to have supported this project by crafting all the packaging.

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Le Coucou Méribel Bespoke slippers

Le Coucou Méribel: Opening of a New 5-star Alpine Resort & Design Hotel

With an architectural concept driven by Pierre Yovanovitch, Le Coucou interprets mountain lifestyle in a chic and casual way. A nest of 13,000 square meters perched along the slopes in Méribel at the foot of the Rond-Point des Pistes.

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Designing and Producing Bespoke Goods with A Sense of Place for the Rosewood Hong Kong

For the opening of this landmark property, our team worked closely with the Rosewood Hong Kong to design bespoke goods for their rooms and suites.

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Burgundy Paris: Limited sweet creations by Chef Pascal Hainigue

Known for his creation of beautiful desserts fusing unique elements, the Pastry Chef of Le Burgundy Hotel Paris, Pascal Hainigue, has made his creations available for take-away!

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Bespoke packaging for the Easter Pop-up at Four Seasons Hotel George V, Paris

Following the success of their Christmas Pop-up, for Easter this year George V set up another temporary boutique dedicated to Maxime Frederic's sweet creations.

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4 eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws

4 Eco friendly alternatives to plastic straws

In the hospitality industry, where millions of amenities are consumed globally each day, we have long seen a need to provide plastic alternatives.

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Bespoke in-room amenities for the Hotel Lou Pinet

Located five minutes from the charming Place des Lices, Hotel Lou Pinet is the latest trendy address of the French Riviera.

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The hospitality industry and the rise of ecological consciousness

One of the fastest growing sectors is the hospitality industry and the need to address environmental factors is a pertinent issue for hoteliers.

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