Covid-19: Our Product Range to Guarantee Proper Sanitisation of Your Establishment

Covid-19: Our Products to Guarantee Proper Sanitisation in your Establishment

Leather Covers for Public Space Hand Sanitizer Bottles

It is now expected that all public spaces within a hotel have easy access to the necessary hand sanitisation means, made available for guests to use in passing. One common method is by using pump bottles of hand sanitizer. Palatino has designed bespoke outer casing to disguise these unsightly plastic vessels. Whether in leather, faux-leather, porcelain, linen, or glass, all our designs are bespoke and we carefully consider the best materials & finishes to use in order to best fit the aesthetics of your property. 

Silicone Remote Control Protectors

It is widely known that TV remote controls are major germ carriers, storing bacteria and playing host to a number of cold viruses. Moreover, disinfecting remote controls is a component often missed by housekeeping, who are under pressure to quickly turn over rooms. 

In post-pandemic days, reassuring the guest that every element within their room has been sanitised is going to be an important measure.  Many guests may even do their own disinfection of their room upon entry; however we can, and should, do our part to put their worries at ease and demonstrate that no stone has been left unturned.  

One such way is to provide guests with their own silicone remote control protector, that comes sealed and with the guarantee of sanitisation.  Newly sanitised covers can be packed securely in a sealed pack and left within the room, with an accompanying explanation, for the guest to discover.

These covers are discreet and streamlined to fit the exact model of remote control, not hindering the aesthetics of the room. After the guest checks-out, these covers should be removed and washed. They can be reused after washing, to minimise damage to the environment with single use covers

Silicone Umbrella Handle Covers

Umbrellas are frequently used items that are hard to properly sanitize, given the porousness of the handle. Under the new WHO guidelines for the hospitality industry, the obvious need to disinfect frequently touched objects is stipulated as a main measure in reducing the risk of infection. To tackle enforcing strict hygiene with items like umbrellas, Palatino has designed a user-friendly and inexpensive silicone handle cover that can be applied each time an umbrella is loaned to a guest. Upon return, the silicone slip can easily be pulled off and washed for reuse thereafter.