Le Coucou Méribel: Opening of a New 5-star Alpine Resort & Design Hotel

Opened on 12th December, Le Coucou Meribel is the latest property of the Maison Pariente group. With an architectural concept driven by Pierre Yovanovitch, Le Coucou interprets mountain lifestyle in a chic and casual way. A nest of 13,000 square meters perched along the slopes in Meribel at the foot of the Rond-Point des Pistes. The hotel offers 55 rooms, 39 suites with balconies, two private chalets, two restaurants from chef Riccardo GIraudi and a spa by Tata Harper. In the ‘BeefBar’ restaurant, an entire collection of old cuckoo clocks adorn the wall – the ski-in/ski-out hotel design has plenty of nods to cuckoos, including the tailor-made goods which we designed and produced for the opening. 

We are happy to have been part of this project, designing and producing bespoke goods for their rooms, suites and chalets. We worked with various mediums such as bamboo, FSC paper, stainless steel and leather. 

 Alpine Style by architect Pierre Yovanovitch

Le Coucou Méribel Opening

The architect provides us with a reinterpretation of alpine style fusing tradition with contemporary French living and a minimalism approach. Le Coucou cultivates the art of contrast and rupture by playing with solid geometric lines and singular blurred volumes, vintage and innovation, impeccable regularity and artisanal imperfection. The discreet luxury that combine old-world hospitality with modern-day design. A source of inspiration for our project of design. 

Bespoke goods: the details make the difference

The concept of Maison Pariente’s properties is to make their boutique hotels feel like a private home, where one would receive friends and family. We were inspired by this warm inviting ambience when choosing our mediums. We wanted to offer products that were “all you need when you’re at home” and more, so that all familiar comforts were elevated. 

Slippers for the whole family

Le Coucou bespoke slippers

We know how important it is to kick back comfortably after a long session on the slopes. Based on the interior decor, we created two different designs for the slippers. The first for the rooms and the other for the suites and private chalets. Our winter slippers are made of faux fur and suede, giving a little nod to traditional apres-ski footwear. For the room slippers, we used emerald green rope as trim, to give a modern touch. For both designs, we made mini versions for children.

Le Coucou Méribel Bespoke slippers

Stainless steel drink stirrers 

Le Coucou Méribel Stainless steel stirrer

Reusable, and beautiful, our stainless steel stirrers add the final touch to any drink. Easy to clean and more ecological than single-use stirrers, we always recommend that our clients adopt customized stainless steel stirrers as a sustainable alternative. It’s also a great communication tool, adding an engraved logo or desigining custom shape to reinforce one’s brand identity.

Paper and Silicone Coasters

Le Coucou Méribel Coasters

To protect table surfaces from condensation or residue, Le Coucou Méribel opted for customized silicon and paper coasters with their logo. Both are a more ecological option; paper coasters can be recycled and silicon coasters can be reused (and easily cleaned). We can produce coasters with many other materials such as cork, leather, faux leather, etc.

Bespoke Packaging

The way we present things makes all the difference. For gifting, bespoke packaging with your branding is a must and an important first impression. Using FSC paper, quality finishing and specialised printing techniques, we are able to craft beautiful bespoke shopping bags, wrapping, and boxes.

Le Coucou Méribel bespoke packaging