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Burgundy Paris: Limited sweet creations by Chef Pascal Hainigue

Burgundy Paris: Limited sweet creations by Chef Pascal Hainigue

Known for his creation of beautiful desserts fusing unique elements, the Pastry Chef of Le Burgundy Hotel Paris, Pascal Hainigue, has made his creations available for take-away! You can now share his version of timeless French pastries like the “tartelette chocolat Arriba 75%” or “la Religieuse” with family or friends, transported safely back home or to work thanks to the elegant white and gold packaging we developed.

We interviewed Chef Pascal Hainigue to find out more; 


Could you introduce us your creations you have made available for take-away ?

Today we offer the following sweet creations: a marbled cake with caramel, peanuts and chocolate, caramel and fleur de sel chocolate pie, a green shiso dessert with victoria pineapple, a “religieuse” pastry with caramel and spices, a blackberry and candied lemon pie, and a tart with figs and pecans. The range evolves with the seasons, depending on the fruit available at that moment and our desires.


Where do you get your inspiration from when creating your pastries?

I’m inspired by many areas such as art & jewelry, but what I love is to work directly with all my pastry team, so that each member of our team can bring his own ‘stone’ to the building, which they can recognize in their work daily.  

For transport, your creations are protected in neat white and gold packaging. How did you choose this design? What is it referring to? 

We developed the packaging in accordance with the visual guidelines related to the aesthetics of the hotel. White and gold are part of Le Burgundy’s new brand identity, and the motif refers to Guy de Rougemont’s sculpture adorning the floor of the lobby. 

When are the pastries available until? 

The pastries are available every day, in limited quantities, so it’s better to order 24 hours in advance if you have a special craving. 

Are you going to continue to add new takeaway treats? 

A base exists, but it will evolve throughout the season, depending on the availability of raw materials.