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Opéra: Cédric Grolet's New Bakery

Opéra: Cédric Grolet’s New Bakery

Famous for his desserts that recreate the forms of various fruit, world renowned pastry chef Cedric Grolet has opened his first bakery in the heart of Opéra, Paris. You can now taste his timeless creations like the namesake Opéra, Baba or Saint-honoré on site or for take-away in the bespoke packaging we produced. We are proud to have supported this delicious project by crafting all the packaging, cutlery and bags for Cédric Grolet and Yohann Caron’s pastries, snacks and beverages. We worked closely with ‘Soins Graphiques’, the graphic design agency behind the visual identity of the ‘Cédric Grolet Opéra’ bakery. 

A Concept adapted to the Rhythm of Parisian Life

Before going inside the bakery, look through the window to get a first glimpse. Inside, on the left you’ll find a countertop dedicated solely to pastries and on the right another one for viennoiserie, sandwiches and bread. No counters or tables, only bakers in the process of creating pastries. What is usually behind the scenes, has been brought to the front and given rightful importance. This is one of the things we really love when we visit Cédric Grolet Opéra – meeting the bakers bringing to life these creations.

Cédric Grolet Opéra Bakery

Photo Courtesy – Camila Martins

Throughout the day, the selection on offer changes to guarantee freshness, quality and delicacy of the products. If you come in during the morning, you’ll have the delight to taste the viennoiseries: French croissant, pain au chocolat, chausson aux pommes and pain aux raisins. For lunch, sandwiches are offered from 12pm to 2pm. Specialty pastries are available from 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm and crunchy baguettes from 5pm to 7pm.  

Recipes are formulated to highlight only the best of the raw ingredients and accompaniments. Coffee and Chocolate by Alain Ducasse, Tea by Pascal Hamour, ancient wheat flour from Moulin d’Antoine, butter, milk and eggs from L’Or des près.

The Sugary Haven 

L’Opéra – Symbol of the bakery, this individual cake with chocolate and coffee makes reference to Parisian music, art and elegance. In shape of flowers, Cédric Grolet pays tribute to the columns of the iconic Opéra Garnier. The Christmas Log was available in December, after which they did a Galette for the Epiphany in January. This Easter, they will be creating an iconic Chocolate Egg.

Opéra: Cédric Grolet's New Bakery

Photo Courtesy – Bliv_champagne

This new hotspot also treats its visitors to more original creations unique to the property, such as a 25cm long chocolate éclair, a berry Mont-Blanc, and seasonal fruit cookies. You’ll also find all the great classics: flans, rum babas and Saint-Honoré.

No dyes, no freezing of pastries, and all the finishes are done right in front of the customer. Let the show go on!

Our Eco-Friendly Packaging

Opéra: Cédric Grolet's New Bakery

Photo Courtesy – Soins Graphiques

To respond to the huge influx of gourmands and large volumes moved each day, it was necessary to offer a complete range of eco-friendly packaging, using our expertise and innovations to provide sustainable tailor-made solutions. We used recycled paper to craft our bespoke boxes and paper cups. For the branding, ecological printing was used to highlight the visual identity.

Bastien Le Coz with Cédric Grolet