Palatino's Housekeeping Range, Because 'Cleanliness is Next to Godliness'

Palatino’s Housekeeping Range, Because ‘Cleanliness is Next to Godliness’

We are pleased to re-introduce you to Palatino’s Housekeeping Range; a cleaning apparatus collection that you are proud to put forward. Because, now more than ever before, housekeeping & cleaning staff should be actively sanitizing all public spaces within a hotel, and at a greater frequency – visibility in this instance is seen as a sign of luxury, strength, and reassurance. Too often, bright plastic cleaning accessories are shown and are an eye-sore, clashing with the property’s interiors. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Here in Asia, where Palatino is headquartered, we have long been aware of our Continent’s preferences for strict omnipresent sanitisation, particularly post SARS (2002 / 2003). Most notably, it is evident how rigorous hygiene measures have become a true sign of luxury; one is of the mindset that a surface can never be over cleaned or a floor over-disinfected. This is only going to be strengthened, on a global level, across the hospitality industry. Aside from stricter housekeeping schedules, there are so many other means to enhance the cleanliness of a hotel. Whether it be hotel staff wearing gloves when handling guest items, or the availability of particular door hanging signage to signify that the guest does not want anyone to enter their room for hygiene reasons, requesting the refurbishment of amenities be left safely outside the door in a sealed container. 

We responded to a strong demand from our clients to provide them with more aesthetically pleasing cleaning tools, which are elegant, discreet, and in line with hotel visuals. From durable faux leather wrapped mop handles, to collapsible silicone buckets, from chic wet floor signage to elegant outer casing for cleaning bottles, we have you covered. Because for those moments when cleaning needs to be seen, make it beautiful. We designed this stylish line that both looks good and meets the high cleaning standards & repeated uses required within a hotel. All our items can fuse with your existing preferred cleaning equipment brands; for instance, our faux-leather broom or mop handles can clip or twist into your broom / mop head of choice, such as those from Vileda or Rubbermaid. Reach out to us if you would like us to design a bespoke housekeeping range for your group.