Lou Pinet

Project Title
Lou Pinet Opening


Saint-Tropez, France

No. of Keys

Scope of Work
Pre-opening OS&E Design, Production and Consultation

Lou Pinet is a masterpiece of Maisons Pariente, a luxury collection of family-owned 5-star hotels. Enchanted by the beauty of Saint-Tropez for generations, the Pariente family masterfully transformed the Hotel Lou Pinet in 2017 to have an appeal of a private home an absolute reinforcement of family values.

Under the curation of interior decorator and designer Charles Zana, the spaces and passages are centred around the rich heritage of the South of France. Simultaneously, Francois Vieillecroze curated the transformation of the building's façade and historical land in total harmony with the original St. Tropez spirit.
The property is masterfully executed with the elements of natural stone, linen and variations of wood, exploring rich colours through decorative elements.

Lou Pinet is an outstanding work in our portfolio, as the vision called for designing and producing bespoke chic items - precisely what we do best.

Inspired by Provence's arts legacy, from paintings to fashion, just like the artists such as Matisse, Calder and Picasso, we poured admiration for Southern France's elegance and warmness into every unique piece.

By introducing splashes of creamy red colour into the room amenities, we reinforced the unique artistic vision of the property without sacrificing a chic and simplistic sentiment.

From leather-covered cables to bags of all sizes, we've ensured a joyful blend of textures and materials in a cohesive colour scheme to sustain the feeling of a home, which you'd share with friends.
Among our tailor-made items, an elegant wicker basket is a bespoke item we are proud of creating just as much as the guests are proud of having it throughout the years.

Lou Pinet is a soulful home and an absolute delight to pour our passion for bespoke items into.

Photo Credit: Lou Pinet