Marina Bay Sands

Project Title
Marina Bay Sands Opening



No. of Keys

Scope of Work
Pre-opening OS&E Design, Production and Consultation

The hotel, recognizable worldwide and Singapore's iconic landmark, Marina Bay Sands, offers a scenic view of the city and unforgettable experiences.

Designed by Moshe Safdie, the futuristic hotel is based on three hotel towers with 2,500 rooms and suites and the infinity pool on the top.
Our team has been working on creating luxurious tailor-made amenities for the guest rooms of Marina Bay Sands. As the highest priority of the hotel team has always been placed on guests' comfort, our team ensured that every bespoke item is soft to the touch with an easily understandable functionality for guests all over the world.
One of the outstanding items, which we have tailor-made for the property, is a leather cover for the Nespresso coffee machine in rich dark blue, dark red and light beige. With a minimalistic design decision executed perfectly, a simple item turned into an elevated point of attraction for the guests.

Having worked with Marina Bay Sands, our team is proficient in successfully producing and delivering large volumes of items perfectly on time. Our international team has a systematic and responsible approach to every project, allowing smooth communication between various stakeholders.

Photo Credit: Marina Bay Sands Singapore