SO/ Sotogrande

Project Title
SO/ Sotogrande


Cádiz, Spain

No. of Keys

Scope of Work
Pre-opening OS&E Design, Production and Consultation

SO/Sotogrande is an exclusive 5-star wellness retreat of Southern Spain, that has reimagined local history innovatively and boldly. The hotel cherishes its local history, as it stands where once the Cortijo de Santa Maria de la Higuera was.

A nod to historical Spanish farmhouses, offering accommodation for travellers, and later a favourite destination for socialites, SO/Sotogrande brings the concept of The Revolutionized Cortijo into modernity.
The unique design is curated by Dolores Cortés, who masterfully embodied traditional elements of Andalusian culture in the refined spaces of SO/Sotogrande. Our team was delighted to create bespoke amenities for this property, as we faced the challenge of conveying a cheerful and passionate Andalusian personality in every detail.

To align with the artistic vision of Dolores Cortés, bold splashes of red, yellow, terracotta, white and blue have been cohesively sawn into every bespoke item we've designed. To remind guests about the magnificent landscaped gardens surrounding SO/Sotogrande, we've designed a flowery pattern, almost reminiscent of a jungle, to imprint on the room amenities.

The sources of inspiration for the designers came from a range of elements, which allowed our team to boldly and professionally mix rich colours and natural materials like wood, leather and range of different fabrics.

Yet, like every corner of Spain is never the same, we were committed to conveying the different parts of the pattern based on the item's size and functionality. In the best Sotogrande fashion - everything is familiar yet excitingly new.

High-quality wooden amenities boxes with personalized platings for him and her are part of the cheerful guest experience, which our team got to create. Unique hexagon box executed in textured wood with flowery pattern on top is the proof of our commitment to creating bespoke amenities with great attention to details.

The hotel's preference for a bold combination of various textures has been the guiding principle for our work. Under the curation of our experienced designers, our wide range of materials and colours has turned into a line of functional bespoke items, inviting guests for an interaction.

Photo Credit: SO/ Sotogrande