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Our Process


Site Visit

We believe it’s important for our team to see the palette, feel the materials, understand the placements and make notes of everything that shall inspire us.

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The mood board will guide the look and feel of the products and help to maintain consistency within the collections.

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Teaser Proposal

To help our clients envision the application on products, we will create a teaser demonstrating a few selected product designs based on the validated mood board.


Production Design

We adhere to strict aesthetic principles while taking into consideration your requirements concerning prices, functions, or materials.


Material & Sampling

We provide clients with colour and material swatches to make sure they see, touch and feel the palette and textures in real.


In-House Production

We ensure the manufacturing process is ethically, responsibly and lawfully conducted with compliance to our Code of Conduct.



Our services include tailoring outer packaging sizing according to the quantities required by the client and handling of customs clearance and import documentation worldwide.



We offer local warehousing service with close proximity to property, manage inventory and deliver on demand.

Our Expertise

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We have helped over 300 properties with their opening.

Drawing on our Italian roots, our longstanding know-how in designing tailor-made goods, and our in-depth luxury hospitality industry experience, Palatino provides its clients, be they first-time hoteliers or hospitality veterans, with the possibility to go above and beyond.


Opening Projects completed


Countries covered


Clients worldwide

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From bespoke product design to production, we got it all covered.

Palatino works hand in hand with COLOSSEO, forming a team of designers and craftsmen in pursuit of one purpose: to create beautiful products and beautiful brands. From product design to mock-up rooms, from sampling to logistics, we've got everything covered. We adhere to strict aesthetic principles which are consistently reflected in our work.

We take pride in our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable development is central to Palatino's success and company culture, inspiring us to be a leading sustainable development performer in the hospitality sector and launch TERRA Green Program to drive collective commitment in the industry.

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