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We design,

creating products for all areas within the luxury hospitality sector.

We produce,

crafting products of unrivalled quality with mindful use of materials.

We deliver,

tailoring your delivery and taking care of the entire logistics process.

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We have helped over 300 properties with their opening.

Drawing on our Italian roots, our longstanding know-how in designing tailor-made goods, and our in-depth luxury hospitality industry experience, Palatino provides its clients, be they first-time hoteliers or hospitality veterans, with the possibility to go above and beyond.


Opening projects completed


Countries covered


Clients worldwide

From bespoke product design to production, we got it all covered.

Palatino works hand in hand with COLOSSEO, forming a team of designers and craftsmen in pursuit of one purpose: to create beautiful products and beautiful brands. From product design to mock-up rooms, from sampling to logistics, we've got everything covered. We adhere to strict aesthetic principles which are consistently reflected in our work.

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We take pride in our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable development is central to Palatino's success and company culture, inspiring us to be a leading sustainable development performer in the hospitality sector and launch TERRA Green Program to drive collective commitment in the industry. 

Trusted by hoteliers worldwide.

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