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We care about people and the planet.

Sustainable development is central to Palatino's success and company culture,
inspiring us to be a leading sustainable development performer in the hospitality sector and launch TERRA Green Program to drive collective commitment in the industry.

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Terra, meaning Earth in Italian,

was the blatant name of choice for our program, given its expansive influence over what we do, driving us to create better every day. Caring for the future of our planet and its people is an essential part of running a successful business and is our fundamental responsibility as global citizens. Today, Palatino is an active driver of innovation and positive impacts in the industry.

Our Missions

To provide safe and sustainable environments for people to work and live in.

To empower businesses with sustainable solutions and educations.

To offer eco-friendly alternatives for a complete range of hotel products.

To align the industry's purpose towards responsible and ethical practices.


Look for the Terra Stamp.

The Terra Stamp is a certification we would grant our partners for adopting the 100% eco-friendly amenities ranges and/or other green initiatives that may warrant this approval. The stamp will also be seen on Palatino's 100% eco-friendly products.

Make a 100% eco-friendly choice.

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Asset 8T.png
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Asset 7T.png
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We constantly source sustainable materials to offer clients eco-friendly options without compromising quality and luxury. Contact us to learn more about the materials and our processes.

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