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Bvlgari Hôtel, Paris

Located on Avenue George V, the centre of the golden triangle, Bvlgari Hotel Paris is the brilliant addition to the glamorous Parisian scene.

Antonio Citterio and Patricia Viel, infamous architectors from Italy, worked on Bvlgari Paris to create an ultimate luxurious combination of French and Italian beauty ideals. The hotel facade has undergone restyling by ACPV in collaboration with the French Architectural studio Valode & Pistre to be an excellent addition to the luxurious neighbourhood.




Pre-opening OS&E Design, Production and Consultation




Paris, France

Palatino Group has worked closely on curating bespoke amenities for different Bvlgari hotels worldwide, so it was an honour to create for the brand once again.

Having a deep understanding of brand vision and guidelines, we have tailor-made a line of room amenities in beautiful bronze tones. Our proudest creation is a rich brown hairdryer box in leather, which stands proudly on the marble table of the room. Knowing how rarely the guests interact with the hairdryers tucked away far into the dark shelves, we took it upon ourselves to reimagine the concept of getting ready. With the hairdryer proudly standing right in front of the mirror and a jewel tray to complement it nearby, guests are invited to an intricate self-care journey and getting ready to enjoy the city of lights in the luxurious setting of Bvlgari Paris.

At Palatino Group, we continually align our care for the environment with aesthetical value. For Bvlgari Group, we have developed take-away paper boxes. We care deeply for our planet and help hotels worldwide achieve their vision for sustainability.

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