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Bvlgari Hotel, Shanghai

Bvlgari Hotel has set the bar high in China's ultimate cosmopolitan destination, Shanghai. Being part of the prominent riverside urban redevelopment project SUHE CREEK, the Hotel perfectly balances natural sensibilities, modern design and heritage. By integrating the Hotel's tower with the historic Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, Bvlgari has a unique position in connecting rich local history with Italian refinement.

Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel, a world-renowned Italian architectural firm, seamlessly fused Chinese and Italian design features, making Bvlgari Shanghai a contemporary masterpiece, layered with rich meaning and sentiment. Like every hand-selected element of the Hotel's interior, our bespoke items contribute to the property's stylistic consistency and modern vision.




Bespoke OS&E Design




Shanghai, China

Guided by the look and feel of the guest room interiors, we worked on an extensive collection of OS&E items, as well as F&B and gifting merchandise, striving for consistency across all the items. Our designers drew inspiration from the complex palette and material selection of matte black granite, polished teak, marble and simple artistic centrepieces, providing texture and depth to each piece.

The refined and opulent bronze detaining for all room amenities creates an impactful addition to this lavish ambience.

While working on all Bvlgari Hotels & Resorts around the world, our team is exceptionally focused on extending a cohesive brand narrative throughout each of the properties, so many of the items, such as the leather luggage tags, are tweaked according to the Bvlgari hotel's colour, destination, or unique characteristics.

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