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Four Seasons Hotel, Madrid

Four Seasons Hotel is a vibrant masterpiece in the heart of Madrid. Infamous for the art scene, Four Seasons Madrid implemented elements of touring a gallery into the hotel experience. Nearly 1,500 pieces of art in the hotel's collection by emerging Spanish artists and undying classics offer a unique visual adventure to the guests.

Paloma Fernández-Iriondo, the art curator, has masterfully assembled the artwork all across the hotel to reflect the historical significance of the property while infusing energetic and dynamic contemporary pieces.




Pre-opening OS&E Design, Production and Consultation




Madrid, Spain

Our team has collaborated with the hotel to create memorable bespoke items, which would fit perfectly into the contrasting vision for Four Seasons Madrid.

A fascinating part of our project was working with the restaurants under the hotel's roof. DANI, a restaurant led by the infamous three-Michelin-starred chef Dani García, is a unique destination boldly exploring traditional Andalusian cuisine.

ISA is a gastro bar that is unafraid to be playful with flavours of Asian-inspired food and signature cocktails.

Working with two vibrant concepts under one roof, we have ensured to add unique details for differentiating the "wow" factor. Paying attention to minor details, our designers have created coaster patterns reflecting the energetic vibe of Madrid for ISA and an elegant and impressive composition for DANI.

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