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Hôtel Madame Rêve, Paris

Madame Rêve Hotel, located in the centre of Paris, reveals dreamy views over the Eiffel Tower and its vertical sky garden. This 5-star hotel breathed new life into the iconic 19th-century Louvre post office building.

No one describes the place better than its' founder and art director, Laurent Taïeb:
"I had a dream to create an emblematic place that makes you feel alive, a blend of the joy of living and emotion. In the heart of historical Paris, in a landmark building, I imagined the hotel of tomorrow, surrounded by a collective of talents".

After years of devoted work, the founder's vision came to life flawlessly, and our team is proud to have contributed to this unique property.




Bespoke OS&E Design




Paris, France

Following our standard line of action, we committed ourselves fully to understand the property's vision and purpose. Madame Réve is an invitation to joie de vivre, the enjoyment of every precious moment in life and a cheerful reminder of endless possibilities in the heart of Paris. The sense of pleasure is attained by the curated selection of precious woods, golden decorative detailing, and high-quality furniture in the most lavish yellow and brown colour palette.

We created playful yet sophisticated and luxurious room amenities through our design efforts. We always strive to spark the curiosity of a guest and add a layer of luxurious experience to the guest room.

Our vision for their cohesive bespoke amenities range has perfectly aligned with the property's purpose; we chose to work with warm and playful shades like golden yellow, sandy oranges and creamy whites.

Combined with our high-quality fabrics, each of the bespoke items adds value to the bigger picture of Madame Rêve.

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