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Mandarin Oriental, Canouan

Mandarin Oriental Canouan is a luxurious all-ocean view hideaway with 26 suites and 13 villas. Enveloped by the Caribbean's largest living coral reef, the secluded retreat of Canouan perfectly fits with the surrounding natural beauty. Mandarin Oriental created the epitome of a luxury beach hotel by inviting a team of Italian architects to combine effortless fashion with Caribbean chic.

To make the hotel a continuation of the islands' beauty, natural stone, glass and green elements have been richly interwoven into every guest room interior. The designers created villas so that the stretch of Godahl Beach never loses your sight.




Bespoke OS&E Design




Canouan Island

Following this artistic lead, creating a sense of togetherness with the setting was our utmost priority. Our vision was to work with light blue colours and golden accents to create a visual memory of the magnificent beach. By ingraining meaning onto the smallest details, we have ensured a continuous guest journey while interacting with various amenities.

One of the items we designed for MO Canouan was a bespoke beach bag with the property's signature stripes and a golden Mandarin Oriental logo. A coveted collectable. The youngest guests also have nothing to worry about under the sizzling sun, as we got them covered with caps using the cute illustration that our team lovingly designed.

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