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Mandarin Oriental Ritz, Madrid

Nestled within the famous Golden Triangle of Art of Madrid, Mandarin Oriental is an honourable continuation of the luxurious hospitality scene. For more than 1000 years, the hotel has been an ultimate destination for royalty from around the world. Continuing the legacy, a stunningly restored property is a beautiful addition to the Mandarin Oriental brand.




Pre-opening OS&E Design, Production and Consultation




Madrid, Spain

Beyond our meticulous, creative and production processes, we are honoured to have been a part of Mandarin Oriental Group’s journey towards adopting and practising their global sustainability initiatives. We work closely with the group on a broad scope of work, particularly on their ‘Naturally Better’ plan and their goal of eliminating all single-use plastic from their hotels by the end of 2021, and Mandarin Oriental Madrid is no exception. We designed and produced a whole range of single-use plastic-free amenities, eco-friendly slippers, OS&E products and their entire “We Care” collection.

With our commitment to sustainability, we believe in revolutionising the realm of eco-friendliness within luxury hospitality.

Getting to Canouan is by no means a regular activity - private resort jets are usually the ones bringing guests to the resort. This project is a testament to our dedication & passion in creating and delivering exceptional, bespoke items regardless of the destination.

There is nowhere too difficult for us to reach, or time zones too complicated for us to work with! Our dedicated global team is always available to attend to our clients' needs.

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